POSTAL 2 Chat Log by hx, December 2002

[01:00] <jacker> before we start this
[01:00] <jacker> read closely
[01:01] <jacker> --------------------------------------------------
[01:01] <jacker> Chat With Running With Scissors
[01:01] <jacker> --------------------------------------------------
[01:01] <jacker>
[01:01] <jacker> Rules:
[01:01] <jacker>
[01:01] <jacker> 1. Do not message any RWS member. It will distract them from the main chat, and you will be ignored.
[01:01] <jacker> 2. Please do NOT ask about the demo!
[01:01] <jacker>
[01:01] <jacker> --------------------------------------------------
[01:01] <jacker> Instructions:
[01:01] <jacker>
[01:01] <jacker> If you want to ask a question, you should first pick WHO you want to direct your question to.
[01:01] <jacker> Then just type /msg jacker question to: <person's name>
[01:01] <jacker>
[01:01] <jacker> After this await for your turn!
[01:01] <jacker>
[01:01] <jacker> While this channel is moderated, #PostalNetwork ain't! Join it and chat freely!
[01:02] <jacker> :D
[01:02] <jacker> ok
[01:02] <rWs-FONGOOL> when's the demo coming out?
[01:02] <jacker> loll
[01:02] <rWs-MiKeY-J> haha
[01:02] <jacker> now
[01:02] <jacker> each of you
[01:02] <jacker> intrudocue yourself
[01:02] <jacker> and your role at rws
[01:02] <jacker> (ignore misspelling, using laptop)
[01:03] <rWs-VinceDesi> Im vince, i go insane everyday when i walk in here, thats my job
[01:03] <rWs-Josh> Josh - Texture Art, character models
[01:03] <rWs-MiKeY-J> Im Mike Jaret i do marketing
[01:03] <rWs-nathan> Nathan-programming
[01:03] <rWs-nxt2HUGEbrain> liar
[01:03] <rWs-miKe-R> i'm mike, and I know when the demo is coming out, but don't ask
[01:03] <rWs-nxt2HUGEbrain> geoff-animation
[01:03] <rWs-FONGOOL> Steve: i design levels and write bad dialog and run spelchaeker
[01:03] <RwS-Zouave> Bryan, level designer
[01:03] <rWs-MiKeY-J> and jephy
[01:03] <rWs-nathan> bye lynae
[01:03] <rWs-VinceDesi> and btw, ask anyfuckin thing you want, this is RWS not some lame ass tunnel game
[01:03] <rWs-MiKeY-J> and chris
[01:04] <rWs-nathan> When's the demo coming out?
[01:04] <rWs-VinceDesi> i have a question
[01:04] <rWs-miKe-R> fuck you
[01:04] <rWs-nathan> Tomorrow?
[01:04] <rWs-MiKeY-J> haha
[01:04] <rWs-nathan> Now?
[01:04] <rWs-nathan> I have the demo!
[01:04] <jacker> loll
[01:04] <rWs-VinceDesi> how many of you are women?
[01:04] <rWs-nathan> I'ts fun!
[01:04] <rWs-MiKeY-J> ok lets make with the questions eh pedro
[01:04] <rWs-FONGOOL> I am the demo
[01:04] <jacker> anyone left?
[01:04] <rWs-MiKeY-J> chris
[01:04] <rWs-MiKeY-J> but who cares
[01:04] <rWs-MiKeY-J> he aint talkin
[01:04] <rWs-MiKeY-J> and hes not here
[01:04] <jacker> remember, if you want to talk, type /msg jacker <person's name>
[01:04] <rWs-nathan> Hey steve.. how's it going?
[01:04] <rWs-nxt2HUGEbrain> i would talk to nathan, but i'm afraid
[01:05] <rWs-nathan> Do you like the levels in your game so far?
[01:05] <rWs-nathan> I think you're dreamy
[01:05] <jacker> starting with our #1
[01:05] <rWs-FONGOOL> yeah, you have limited vocabulary
[01:05] * jacker sets mode: +v SmackY
[01:05] <jacker> go :D
[01:05] <rWs-FONGOOL> I'm bored
[01:05] <rWs-nathan> I love you
[01:05] <rWs-MiKeY-J> ask away Smacky
[01:05] <SmackY> I feel so loved.........
[01:05] * jacker slaps SmackY around a bit with a large trout
[01:05] <SmackY> Ok....
[01:05] <jacker> lol
[01:05] <rWs-FONGOOL> mmm trout
[01:05] <rWs-nathan> Trout~!
[01:05] <rWs-nathan> Just ask a question... for the halibut!
[01:05] <SmackY> What challenges did RWS face with Postal2, seeing such violence
[01:06] <rWs-FONGOOL> i will kill you
[01:06] <rWs-nathan> If someone says they hate violence more than me.. they better have a gun.. that's all I gotta say...
[01:06] <SmackY> You know, normal people don't like to set a band on fire........
[01:06] <rWs-miKe-R> do you mean how do we live with ourselves seeing such violence each and every day?
[01:06] <rWs-VinceDesi> violence can be a good thing, so far we'r enot in any real trouble, but the gaem isnt out yet
[01:06] <rWs-MiKeY-J> blah
[01:06] <rWs-FONGOOL> violence is fundamental
[01:07] <rWs-MiKeY-J> elementry my dear smacky
[01:07] <rWs-FONGOOL> fag
[01:07] <jacker> lolll
[01:07] <rWs-MiKeY-J> haha
[01:07] <rWs-nathan> Serious: The game has lots of blood, gore, and general sickness even though there's been lots of anti-violence game coverage
[01:07] <rWs-VinceDesi> hey smacky, didint you ever set anyone or an animal on fire when you were a kid?
[01:07] <SmackY> I enjoy violence, but has there been any "public" attack on RWS for creating the ame?, <Ok, im done>
[01:07] * rWs-MiKeY-J sets mode: +o rWs-SethM
[01:07] <jacker> when the answer is done just say next! :D
[01:07] <rWs-nxt2HUGEbrain> but you can put out the fires, and thats really being helpful, not violent
[01:07] <rWs-FONGOOL> not yet, they don'y know about it. you should tell them :)
[01:07] <SmackY> good luck guyz ;)
[01:07] <SmackY> jacker , next
[01:07] <rWs-nathan> If any thing we've thrived ont he violence
[01:07] <rWs-nathan> coverage
[01:07] * jacker sets mode: -v SmackY
[01:07] <rWs-VinceDesi> hey smacky havent you ever pissed on anyone?
[01:08] * jacker sets mode: +v hx
[01:08] <rWs-MiKeY-J> everyone say hi to seth
[01:08] <rWs-MiKeY-J> hx ask now
[01:08] <hx> Q: Will POSTAL 2 use many scripted events to advance the plot?
[01:08] <rWs-nathan> what plot?
[01:08] <rWs-MiKeY-J> plot?
[01:08] <rWs-nathan> YES!
[01:08] <rWs-nxt2HUGEbrain> there's a plot/
[01:08] <rWs-nathan> if you want
[01:08] <rWs-SethM> thanx mike
[01:08] <rWs-miKe-R> we use over 350 different scripted events, but no plot whatsoever
[01:08] <rWs-FONGOOL> we hate scripted events
[01:08] <rWs-FONGOOL> our bots be smot
[01:08] <rWs-MiKeY-J> now real answer NATHAN
[01:09] <rWs-nathan> we use AI on the fly to make things happen differently (and in an interesting manner) each time
[01:09] <rWs-FONGOOL> it's alive
[01:09] <rWs-nxt2HUGEbrain> nathan knows all
[01:09] <rWs-nathan> yeS!
[01:09] <rWs-MiKeY-J> i heard he got a HUGE brain
[01:09] <rWs-miKe-R> but he hates scripted events
[01:09] <rWs-nathan> yES!
[01:09] <rWs-nathan> to both!
[01:09] <rWs-FONGOOL> i can' tell, it's depressurized the room
[01:09] <rWs-SethM> the AI is more life like, how the react to situations
[01:09] <rWs-nathan> again?
[01:10] <rWs-nathan> rephrase please?
[01:10] <rWs-nathan> seth?
[01:10] <rWs-nathan> oh well
[01:10] <rWs-SethM> ah sry
[01:10] <rWs-SethM> Damn snow is killing me
[01:10] <jacker> next?
[01:10] <rWs-SethM> Now, the AI isn't like how some games are that I am saying
[01:10] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:10] <jacker> lolllll
[01:10] <rWs-SethM> they react
[01:10] <rWs-VinceDesi> ill be right back, the cleaning lady is under my desk
[01:10] * jacker sets mode: -v hx
[01:11] * jacker sets mode: +v Bushido

[01:11] <rWs-FONGOOL> yeah, the ai does stuff on it's own
[01:11] <rWs-FONGOOL> sometimes it turns on other bystanders
[01:11] <rWs-nxt2HUGEbrain> the ai is great
[01:11] <rWs-FONGOOL> you will laugh
[01:11] <rWs-nathan> okay, well, yes, basically everything in the game tries to treat each character as the same thing.
[01:11] <rWs-nathan> So not only does the player get attention, but anyone does
[01:11] <rWs-SethM> If you pull a shotgun out they will react, cops will go after you... a gas can won't be the same matter
[01:11] <rWs-nathan> So even NPC's running around with guns will get attacked
[01:11] <rWs-nathan> in trouble
[01:11] <rWs-nathan> and the sort
[01:11] <rWs-nathan> Right.
[01:11] <rWs-nathan> Cops do watch you
[01:11] <rWs-nathan> if you have a gascan out.
[01:12] <rWs-FONGOOL> it
[01:12] <rWs-FONGOOL> 's kind of creepy
[01:12] <rWs-nathan> They only watch, but if you start pouring out gas, they'll try to arrest you
[01:12] <rWs-nathan> it's pretty coo
[01:12] <rWs-nathan> l
[01:12] <rWs-nathan> but it keeps you paranoid
[01:12] <rWs-nathan> you have to be careful
[01:12] <rWs-SethM> I mean no one just pours gas around xcpt me
[01:12] <rWs-nathan> we try to make sure the AI is very resposnive
[01:12] <rWs-MiKeY-J> bushido
[01:12] <rWs-FONGOOL> I kicked out someone's window, turned around and everyone was staring at me
[01:12] <rWs-FONGOOL> it was unnnerving
[01:12] <rWs-FONGOOL> so I killed them
[01:13] <rWs-nathan> heheehe
[01:13] * rWs-MiKeY-J sets mode: -o rWs-SethM
[01:13] <Bushido> Hey Vince, with games like Kingpin,GTA3, and Barbie setting new violent trends how will Postal2 shock us again?
[01:13] <rWs-nxt2HUGEbrain> i like it when they go call the cops to come over, thats neat
[01:13] <rWs-MiKeY-J> let vince ask this
[01:13] <rWs-FONGOOL> we saw a cop try to save a woman from being eaten by champ the dog but she got caught in the crossfire and was killed
[01:13] <rWs-MiKeY-J> vince will answer
[01:13] <rWs-VinceDesi> we dont mean to shock anyone
[01:13] <rWs-VinceDesi> th egoal is to have fun, and plus POSTAL 2 is funny
[01:13] <rWs-FONGOOL> shock the monkey
[01:14] <Bushido> heh
[01:14] <Bushido> if there is one i will
[01:14] <rWs-FONGOOL> we didn't get the monkey, but you can shock the cat
[01:14] <rWs-VinceDesi> hey we let you shock the shit out of stuff in the game,
[01:14] <rWs-FONGOOL> piss actually
[01:15] <rWs-nathan> and shock!
[01:15] <rWs-nxt2HUGEbrain> and vomit
[01:15] <rWs-VinceDesi> for me Postal 2 is alot like reality
[01:15] <rWs-FONGOOL> the monkey! but without the monkey
[01:15] <rWs-nathan> You sir.. in the audience.. do you have a question?
[01:15] <rWs-VinceDesi> ive pissed, set fire, vomited , all on peolple before
[01:16] <Bushido> that would shock me...with laughter
[01:16] <rWs-nathan> BAHHAHAHAHAHAA
[01:16] <jacker> done?
[01:16] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:16] * jacker sets mode: -v Bushido
[01:16] * jacker sets mode: +v MrPeach2
[01:17] <rWs-MiKeY-J> mrpeach
[01:17] <MrPeach2> does the game include damage skins, detachable limbs or intestines/internal organs?
[01:17] <rWs-VinceDesi> i havent gotten layed in 8 hrs, does anyone have a ? for me, my babe is waiting
[01:17] <MrPeach2> oh, and hey
[01:17] <rWs-MiKeY-J> nathan
[01:17] <rWs-MiKeY-J> answer
[01:17] <rWs-nathan> WE have burned skins
[01:17] <rWs-nathan> you can decap heads
[01:17] <rWs-nathan> detonate heads
[01:17] <rWs-nathan> but we don't detach/gib bodies because it's LOTS more fun to blow them UP UP UP with grenades
[01:17] <rWs-VinceDesi> streams of blood piss and vomit
[01:18] <rWs-nathan> with hte new kamra
[01:18] <rWs-FONGOOL> Karma physics = fun
[01:18] <rWs-nathan> Karma physics modelling of rag-doll bodies ( i mean)
[01:18] <rWs-jeph> so how is that new karma nathan?
[01:18] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:18] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:18] <MrPeach2> do the explosions cause lots of blood?
[01:18] <jacker> lol
[01:18] * jacker sets mode: -v MrPeach2
[01:18] <rWs-nathan> It's.. got some problems, but we're getting there
[01:18] * jacker sets mode: +v k0rbin
[01:18] <rWs-nathan> it will be GREAT when you get it
[01:18] <k0rbin> Mike, Why cant u share with us the date of the releasing of the Demo of the Great Game in which i love and want to have anal sex with? (you can ignor last half of sentence but its truly how i feel ;)
[01:18] <rWs-nathan> it's really fun now, just a hair buggy
[01:18] <rWs-jeph> hell yah
[01:18] <rWs-MiKeY-J> haha
[01:18] <rWs-MiKeY-J> well
[01:18] <k0rbin> i ment Mike -R
[01:18] <k0rbin> but he left
[01:18] <rWs-MiKeY-J> he left
[01:18] <k0rbin> but u answer
[01:18] <rWs-MiKeY-J> i will
[01:19] <rWs-MiKeY-J> heres your answer
[01:19] <rWs-MiKeY-J> cuz we CANT
[01:19] <rWs-MiKeY-J> good enough?
[01:19] <k0rbin> Also, How the hell does the cat get on the M4a1?! wtf thought of that =P
[01:19] <rWs-MiKeY-J> steve
[01:19] <k0rbin> no but i guess i have to take it
[01:19] <rWs-MiKeY-J> answer
[01:19] <k0rbin> ='(
[01:19] <rWs-nathan> He's coming
[01:19] * jacker sets mode: +o rWs-miKe-R
[01:19] <k0rbin> let mike R answe my Q
[01:19] <k0rbin> kk?
[01:19] <rWs-MiKeY-J> hey mike answer his question
[01:19] <k0rbin> Mike, Why cant u share with us the date of the releasing of the Demo of the Great Game in which i love and want to have anal sex with? (you can ignor last half of sentence but its truly how i feel ;)
[01:19] <rWs-FONGOOL> you press enter hah ha
[01:20] <rWs-miKe-R> the game is coming out end of february, the demo will be sometime around then
[01:20] <k0rbin> so i cant get it for X-mas?
[01:20] <rWs-VinceDesi> ahhhh the cleaning lady left
[01:20] <rWs-MiKeY-J> youll get SOMETHIng for xmas
[01:20] <k0rbin> Also, How the hell does the cat get on the M4a1?! wtf thought of that =P
[01:20] <k0rbin> ^^
[01:20] <jacker> aaa
[01:20] <jacker> cheater
[01:21] <jacker> takin 3 questions
[01:21] <jacker> lol

[01:21] <rWs-MiKeY-J> shut up
[01:21] * jacker sets mode: -v k0rbin
[01:21] * jacker sets mode: +v MongoHH
[01:21] <rWs-MiKeY-J> go go go
[01:21] <jacker> go MongoHH
[01:21] <rWs-nathan> steve didd
[01:21] <rWs-FONGOOL> you dicreetly shove the gun up the cat's ass
[01:21] <rWs-nathan> the cat on the gun
[01:21] <rWs-nathan> i think
[01:21] <rWs-nathan> yeah, then it acts as silencer
[01:21] * jacker slaps MongoHH around a bit with a large trout
[01:21] <MongoHH> so...when will the next new pics be released or a new video on the gameplay ?
[01:21] <rWs-FONGOOL> it's like, an inventory item
[01:21] <rWs-jeph> yah, you jam the cat on the end
[01:21] <rWs-jeph> of the m4
[01:21] <rWs-FONGOOL> many videos soon!
[01:21] <rWs-MiKeY-J> I CAN ANSWER THAT
[01:21] <rWs-MiKeY-J> FOR SURE
[01:22] <rWs-MiKeY-J> will they
[01:22] <rWs-MiKeY-J> I dont know
[01:22] <jacker> wohaaa
[01:22] <rWs-nathan> then, after nine shots (nine lives) the cat flies off like a bloody, animal rocket
[01:22] <rWs-nathan> it's pretty gross
[01:22] <MongoHH> plz do it : )
[01:22] <rWs-nathan> and funny
[01:22] <rWs-FONGOOL> PETA loves us
[01:22] <rWs-MiKeY-J> shush
[01:22] <rWs-VinceDesi> i call my chicks bush Peta
[01:22] <jacker> hhehe
[01:22] <jacker> done?

[01:22] <MongoHH> very least some news
[01:23] * rWs-MiKeY-J sets mode: +o rWs-SethM
[01:23] <rWs-MiKeY-J> yes
[01:23] <rWs-MiKeY-J> its true
[01:23] <rWs-nathan> next
[01:23] * jacker sets mode: -v MongoHH
[01:23] * jacker sets mode: +v TheOtherWhiteMeat

[01:23] <jacker> if you want your question asked just type /msg jacker <person's name>
[01:23] <jacker> go TheOtherWhiteMeat
[01:23] * jacker slaps TheOtherWhiteMeat around a bit with a large trout

[01:23] <TheOtherWhiteMeat> besides the standard deathmatch modes, etc, what sort of 'interesting' MP modes *might* be implemented?
[01:23] <rWs-MiKeY-J> MIKE R
[01:23] <rWs-MiKeY-J> answer
[01:23] <rWs-MiKeY-J> hehe
[01:24] <rWs-FONGOOL> we're light on MP, gotta wait for the add-on
[01:24] <rWs-nathan> Yup, this game is primarily about single palyer
[01:24] <rWs-FONGOOL> had to make sure sp was awesome first
[01:24] <rWs-nathan> we will have cool mp stuff later
[01:25] <rWs-MiKeY-J> now ake with the next NEXT
[01:25] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:25] * jacker sets mode: -v TheOtherWhiteMeat
[01:25] * jacker sets mode: +v Nightfall
[01:25] <rWs-MiKeY-J> and....begin
[01:25] * jacker slaps Nightfall around a bit with a large trout
[01:25] <jacker> hes on java chat
[01:25] <jacker> lol
[01:25] <jacker> look here Nightfall
[01:25] * rWs-MiKeY-J slaps Nighfall with jackers WANG
[01:25] <jacker> loll
[01:26] <rWs-FONGOOL> WANG!
[01:26] <jacker> nightfallllllllllllll
[01:26] <rWs-MiKeY-J> next
[01:26] <rWs-MiKeY-J> next
[01:26] <rWs-MiKeY-J> he can ask later
[01:26] <jacker> LOL
[01:26] <jacker> night
[01:26] <jacker> aa
[01:26] * jacker sets mode: -v Nightfall
[01:26] <rWs-nathan> anymore?
[01:26] * jacker sets mode: +v Swartz
[01:26] <Swartz> Will there be children and old people I can slaughter in Postal 2? If there is old people, will they react to karma more strongly when thrown down a flight of stairs for example?
[01:26] <rWs-FONGOOL> no kids or old people, gotta leave something for modders
[01:27] <rWs-nathan> yeah! go modders!
[01:27] <rWs-nathan> we don't let you kill kids
[01:27] <Swartz> Also, Im gonna do a bunch of mods for this game, any way I can have the mod tools in advance?
[01:27] <rWs-miKe-R> modders are sick and twisted
[01:27] <Swartz> lol
[01:27] <rWs-nathan> no in advance
[01:27] <rWs-miKe-R> fuck you
[01:27] <rWs-nathan> but plenty wehn the game comes out
[01:27] <rWs-Chris> practice using the current editors
[01:27] <Swartz> lol, ok
[01:27] <rWs-FONGOOL> ooooooOooOOoh mike!
[01:27] <rWs-nathan> yes!
[01:27] <rWs-nathan> that'll help
[01:27] <rWs-nathan> ut 2003
[01:27] <rWs-FONGOOL> ut 2003
[01:28] <rWs-nathan> but we added lots to hte editor also
[01:28] <Swartz> The editor with my version of ut2003 doesnt work :(
[01:28] <rWs-nathan> booh!
[01:28] <rWs-nathan> stupid epic
[01:28] <Swartz> lol
[01:28] <Swartz> Yes, theyre gay

[01:28] <rWs-MiKeY-J> ya
[01:28] <rWs-MiKeY-J> gay
[01:28] <rWs-FONGOOL> nathan fixed ours with his giant brain
[01:28] <rWs-MiKeY-J> haha
[01:28] <Swartz> lol
[01:28] <rWs-nathan> thanks
[01:28] <rWs-miKe-R> if anyone seriously is interested in getting any tools in advance, contact MikeJ directly
[01:28] <rWs-MiKeY-J> hey wheres rudy
[01:28] <rWs-nathan> hehehe..
[01:28] <Swartz> I did, and he didnt do shit
[01:28] <Swartz> lol

[01:28] <rWs-jeph> who cares
[01:28] <rWs-MiKeY-J> i didnt do shit
[01:28] <jacker> lol
[01:28] <rWs-MiKeY-J> dont make me do shit
[01:28] <rWs-VinceDesi> hes hiding in his own ass
[01:28] <Swartz> oh, ok than, lol
[01:29] <rWs-miKe-R> ask him again
[01:29] <rWs-MiKeY-J> haha
[01:29] <Swartz> will do
[01:29] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:29] <jacker> nexxxt
[01:29] <jacker> lol
[01:29] * jacker sets mode: -v Swartz
[01:29] <jacker> ok
[01:29] <jacker> from nightfall
[01:29] <jacker> [00:25] <Nightfall> Will there be hippies?
[01:29] <jacker> he cant chat somehow

[01:29] <rWs-nathan> hippies....
[01:29] <rWs-nathan> yes!
[01:29] <rWs-nathan> at least one
[01:29] <rWs-nathan> bums
[01:29] <rWs-nathan> we have bums
[01:30] <rWs-nathan> it'll be easy to make skins for new people.. like hippes if you want
[01:30] <rWs-VinceDesi> ]and queers
[01:30] <rWs-jeph> we got lots of fags
[01:30] <rWs-MiKeY-J> FAG
[01:30] <rWs-MiKeY-J> ASS COCK
[01:30] <rWs-nathan> yes!
[01:30] <jacker> lol
[01:30] <rWs-nathan> those are very funny
[01:30] <rWs-nathan> in the game
[01:30] <rWs-nathan> to kill
[01:30] <rWs-FONGOOL> they dnace good
[01:30] <rWs-MiKeY-J> FRAG THE FAGS
[01:30] <rWs-FONGOOL> spelchaeker
[01:30] <jacker> next
[01:31] * jacker sets mode: +v Chandler

[01:31] <Chandler> What are some of the cool FIREARMS we havent seen so far? Can the characters beg for there life if you hold a gun to there head? Can you yell threatening things to ppl and have them react? and can u get in a car and run someone over?
[01:31] <rWs-jeph> they dance like j
[01:31] <rWs-MiKeY-J> hell ya
[01:31] <rWs-FONGOOL> they totally beg. it's sad
[01:31] <Chandler> GUNZ AND BEGGING
[01:31] <rWs-nathan> the begging is very satisfying
[01:31] <Chandler> cool
[01:31] <rWs-Chris> yes to all that... but no car driving
[01:31] <rWs-nathan> so si the shovel
[01:31] <rWs-miKe-R> lots of begging
[01:31] <rWs-miKe-R> and heads exploding
[01:31] <rWs-nathan> rocket launcher
[01:31] <rWs-nathan> yes
[01:31] <Chandler> sweet
[01:31] <rWs-miKe-R> for when the begging gets to be too much
[01:31] <rWs-nathan> shotgun + too close to head == heads exploding
[01:32] <Chandler> what other kinds of guns?
[01:32] <rWs-MiKeY-J> penis
[01:32] <Chandler> :)
[01:32] <rWs-nathan> sniper rifle
[01:32] <rWs-miKe-R> is a shovel considered a gun?
[01:32] <rWs-nathan> very fun
[01:32] <rWs-nathan> yes
[01:32] <rWs-FONGOOL> headshot =fun when they were puking
[01:32] <rWs-nathan> baton
[01:32] <rWs-nathan> tazer
[01:32] <Chandler> sub machine guns? handguns assault rifles?
[01:32] <rWs-nathan> machine gun
[01:32] <rWs-jeph> what about the shocker, is that a gun
[01:32] <rWs-nathan> gas can
[01:32] <rWs-nathan> matches
[01:32] <rWs-FONGOOL> tazer
[01:32] <rWs-nathan> cowhead
[01:32] <rWs-miKe-R> no, that's a tazer, but without the TM
[01:32] <Chandler> sub machine guns? handguns assault rifles?

[01:32] <rWs-FONGOOL> yeah, cowhead!
[01:32] <rWs-nathan> disgusting anthrax filled cowhead
[01:32] <rWs-miKe-R> a cowhead gun!
[01:32] <rWs-nathan> napalm launcher
[01:32] <rWs-jeph> m4, desert eagle
[01:32] <Chandler> 1911?
[01:32] <rWs-FONGOOL> not a gun, a fucking COWHEAD
[01:33] <rWs-miKe-R> oh yeah
[01:33] <rWs-nathan> a giant rotting cowhead
[01:33] <rWs-miKe-R> with ugly eyes popping out
[01:33] <rWs-MiKeY-J> .50 desert eagle
[01:33] <rWs-FONGOOL> oop, I mean CWOHAED
[01:33] <Chandler> 1911? it looks like in screenshots
[01:33] <rWs-nathan> the machine gun shoots quite fast and is satisfying to use
[01:33] <rWs-miKe-R> and don't forget the scissor gun
[01:33] <rWs-jeph> sws
[01:33] <rWs-nathan> 1911 what?
[01:33] <rWs-MiKeY-J> and the urine gun
[01:33] <rWs-nathan> aha
[01:33] <rWs-MiKeY-J> URING GUN
[01:33] <rWs-nathan> no
[01:33] <rWs-nathan> no 1911
[01:33] <Chandler> so just a desert eagle for handguns
[01:33] <rWs-nathan> yes
[01:33] <rWs-MiKeY-J> yes
[01:33] <Chandler> .50 hehe
[01:33] <rWs-MiKeY-J> ya funny
[01:33] <rWs-nathan> we streamlined the weapons
[01:34] <Chandler> where do u get guns?
[01:34] <Chandler> in the game

[01:34] <rWs-nathan> you get a fun pistol, shotgun, machinegun, rilfe
[01:34] <rWs-Chris> all over the place
[01:34] <rWs-FONGOOL> out of people's houses and from ded cops
[01:34] <rWs-miKe-R> in people's houses
[01:34] <rWs-MiKeY-J> in the supermarket silly
[01:34] <rWs-miKe-R> or dead cops
[01:34] <Chandler> ownage.
[01:34] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:34] <rWs-Chris> hidden spots, too
[01:34] <rWs-nathan> breaking into people's houses is great
[01:34] * jacker sets mode: -v Chandler
[01:34] * jacker sets mode: +v WeeD

[01:34] <rWs-MiKeY-J> bring it bong
[01:34] <rWs-jeph> atf people's houses
[01:34] <rWs-FONGOOL> if they see you, they run for police
[01:34] <jacker> go WeeD
[01:34] <rWs-MiKeY-J> WEED
[01:34] <jacker> smoke it out
[01:34] * jacker slaps WeeD around a bit with a large trout

[01:35] <rWs-Chris> light it up weed
[01:35] <rWs-Chris> ...and type faster :)
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> PLEASE
[01:35] <jacker> lol
[01:35] <rWs-FONGOOL> exhale and type!
[01:35] <jacker> weed man
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> type faster
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> type faster
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> type faster
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> type faster
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> type faster
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> type faster
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> type faster
[01:35] <jacker> lol
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> type faster
[01:35] <jacker> weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
[01:35] <WeeD> ah
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> FUCK YOYU
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> you typed AH
[01:35] <jacker> lol
[01:35] <rWs-MiKeY-J> haha
[01:35] <rWs-Chris> you awake?
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> type faster
[01:35] <rWs-miKe-R> you're holding up the release of the game !!!!!!
[01:35] <rWs-MiKeY-J> ASK NOW
[01:35] <rWs-Chris> too stoned?
[01:35] <WeeD> since your game is totally retarded, like myself, i wanna ask if i can become even more retarded after playing the game for 2h and blow my own shit up ? thx so far"
[01:35] <WeeD> haha
[01:35] <WeeD> shud up !
[01:35] <WeeD> :)

[01:35] <rWs-MiKeY-J> 1h
[01:35] <rWs-FONGOOL> it's a free country
[01:35] <rWs-MiKeY-J> 2h
[01:35] <rWs-MiKeY-J> 3h
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> yes
[01:35] <rWs-MiKeY-J> 4
[01:35] <rWs-miKe-R> yes, whatever you want
[01:35] <rWs-Chris> yes, blow your own shit up all you like
[01:35] <rWs-nathan> next q
[01:35] <rWs-miKe-R> and next
[01:35] <WeeD> haha
[01:36] <rWs-nathan> next q
[01:36] <WeeD> someone bite me !
[01:36] * jacker sets mode: -v WeeD
[01:36] * jacker sets mode: +v hx

[01:36] <rWs-miKe-R> fuck you
[01:36] <rWs-nathan> FUCK YOU
[01:36] <hx> How many missions will there be, and how much will they differ from one another? How many hours of gameplay you can promise? :P
[01:36] <rWs-jeph> fuck YOU
[01:36] * rWs-MiKeY-J sets mode: +o rWs-SethM
[01:36] <rWs-nathan> oh a question!
[01:36] <rWs-nathan> 17.234 hours
[01:36] <rWs-nathan> exactly
[01:36] <rWs-nathan> no more
[01:36] <rWs-nathan> no less
[01:36] <rWs-jeph> +1
[01:36] <rWs-nathan> ever
[01:36] <rWs-Chris> rounded to the nearest 100th
[01:36] <hx> hehe i don't believe you :P
[01:36] <rWs-miKe-R> but there was that one guy in testing that went 17.358
[01:36] <hx> really 100th?
[01:36] <rWs-MiKeY-J> it was silly
[01:37] <rWs-MiKeY-J> silly like billy
[01:37] <rWs-FONGOOL> you have to run errands, there are over 20
[01:37] <rWs-nathan> Over 20 levels
[01:37] <hx> 20 sounds pretty OK :)
[01:37] <rWs-MiKeY-J> seth is GAY GAY GAY
[01:37] <rWs-Chris> 5 days of errands... monday through friday
[01:37] <rWs-FONGOOL> but the fun is getting to the errands
[01:37] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:37] <rWs-miKe-R> the errands are the excuse for having fun
[01:37] * jacker sets mode: -v hx
[01:37] <rWs-nathan> they lead you through the fun
[01:37] * rWs-MiKeY-J sets mode: +o rWs-SethM
[01:37] * jacker sets mode: +v Bushido
[01:38] <rWs-MiKeY-J> shy
[01:38] <rWs-MiKeY-J> apply
[01:38] <Bushido> Chris, When the demo's finally released how will you manage the retarded people? Instant ban?
[01:38] <rWs-MiKeY-J> fag
[01:38] <rWs-MiKeY-J> chris
[01:38] <rWs-MiKeY-J> ysy
[01:38] <rWs-MiKeY-J> answer
[01:38] <rWs-nathan> instant ban!
[01:38] <rWs-Chris> hmm.... sure
[01:38] <rWs-Chris> ban sounds good
[01:38] <rWs-FONGOOL> natural selection
[01:38] <Bushido> LOL
[01:38] <rWs-nathan> guns!
[01:38] <rWs-MiKeY-J> bush
[01:38] <rWs-jeph> darwin
[01:38] <rWs-MiKeY-J> wheres my art
[01:38] <Bushido> coming man
[01:38] <rWs-MiKeY-J> haha
[01:38] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:38] * jacker sets mode: -v Bushido
[01:39] * jacker sets mode: +v Boner

[01:39] <Boner> How do differerent characters react to being pissed upon? How much of the world can you influence by pissing on people/things?
[01:39] <rWs-MiKeY-J> SUF STOUFER
[01:39] <rWs-Chris> how about we just start the banning now
[01:39] <Boner> Whats up?
[01:39] <rWs-miKe-R> if the next question isn't really good we're going to start asking our own questions
[01:39] <rWs-FONGOOL> it's across the street from meat world
[01:39] <rWs-MiKeY-J> BONE DOG
[01:39] <rWs-nathan> just as much as in real life
[01:39] <Boner> Hows the Volvo bitch?
[01:39] <rWs-MiKeY-J> haha
[01:39] <rWs-MiKeY-J> i no drive volvo no more
[01:39] <rWs-MiKeY-J> infiniti for me
[01:39] <rWs-FONGOOL> just don't forget to zip your pants or people will laugh at you
[01:39] <rWs-MiKeY-J> now answer his question
[01:39] <rWs-nathan> true enough
[01:39] <rWs-FONGOOL> put your volvo away
[01:39] <rWs-Chris> ppl react in every different way possible
[01:39] <rWs-MiKeY-J> how would you react if someone pissed on you BONER
[01:40] <rWs-nathan> People will laugh at you with your pants down, but if you piss on them, they will either attack or run sscreaming
[01:40] <rWs-MiKeY-J> would you puke, or kill him
[01:40] <rWs-MiKeY-J> or swallow
[01:40] <rWs-nathan> true
[01:40] <rWs-Chris> some laugh, some run, some just stand there, some start puking, some scream
[01:40] <Boner> I'd kick 'em in the nuts.
[01:40] <rWs-FONGOOL> spew? Run? attack? all this and more can be yours
[01:40] <rWs-MiKeY-J> drink it up
[01:40] <rWs-nathan> next
[01:40] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:40] <rWs-FONGOOL> except that
[01:40] * jacker sets mode: -v Boner
[01:40] <rWs-MiKeY-J> yay 50 people
[01:40] <rWs-MiKeY-J> lets have a party
[01:40] * jacker sets mode: +v b1ll
[01:40] <rWs-MiKeY-J> bill
[01:40] <jacker> go b1ll
[01:40] <rWs-MiKeY-J> ask
[01:40] <b1ll> nathan; you said it was easy to change the skins of ingame character , Is it as "easy" to change the character models? ( easy like half-life, quake and ut)
[01:40] <b1ll> :P

[01:40] <rWs-nathan> ask josh
[01:41] <b1ll> josh then
[01:41] <rWs-miKe-R> skins are a lot easier than meshes
[01:41] <rWs-Josh> ask nathan
[01:41] <rWs-nathan> damn you!
[01:41] <b1ll> lol
[01:41] <rWs-FONGOOL> just make sure you color insode the lines
[01:41] <rWs-FONGOOL> we're dicks
[01:41] <rWs-miKe-R> do you mean a brand new mesh or you mean swap to a different mesh that's already in the game?
[01:41] <rWs-Josh> ask seth
[01:41] <b1ll> brand new mesh
[01:41] <rWs-nathan> look, you open the editor, you import the texture, you clikc on the model, and you tell it to use it.
[01:41] <rWs-nathan> easy?
[01:41] <rWs-FONGOOL> I dunno how to do that stuff
[01:41] <rWs-nathan> it's that easy
[01:41] <rWs-jeph> wow, a monkey can do my job
[01:41] <rWs-miKe-R> if you build it in max it's easy to import
[01:41] <rWs-nathan> you just have to do the art
[01:41] <b1ll> lol
[01:41] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:42] <rWs-nathan> txen!
[01:42] * jacker sets mode: -v b1ll
[01:42] * jacker sets mode: +v MrPeach2

[01:42] <MrPeach2> when people are injured and immobile can you torture them?
[01:42] <rWs-nathan> yes
[01:42] <rWs-Chris> fuck ya
[01:42] <rWs-nathan> shocker
[01:42] <rWs-miKe-R> sort of
[01:42] <rWs-nathan> kick them
[01:42] <rWs-nathan> kicking!@
[01:42] <rWs-FONGOOL> shock them! kick them! beat them with the shovel
[01:42] <rWs-Chris> wtf, why would we ever leave that out :)
[01:42] <rWs-nathan> yes
[01:42] <rWs-nathan> baton
[01:42] <MrPeach2> pliers?
[01:42] <rWs-nathan> piss on their whining heads
[01:42] <rWs-FONGOOL> nice sound effects
[01:42] <rWs-jeph> drop lots of greandes around them, then set that off
[01:42] <rWs-nathan> no
[01:42] <rWs-miKe-R> no pliers
[01:42] <MrPeach2> :(
[01:42] <rWs-Chris> chop their head off and play some soccer
[01:43] <rWs-nathan> set them on fire
[01:43] <rWs-nathan> then piss them out
[01:43] <MrPeach2> soccer?
[01:43] <rWs-miKe-R> but we do have nipple clamps
[01:43] <MrPeach2> oh, you mean football
[01:43] <rWs-nathan> no!
[01:43] <rWs-SethM> lol
[01:43] <MrPeach2> im done, cheers
[01:43] * jacker sets mode: -v MrPeach2
[01:44] <rWs-Chris> cheerio
[01:44] <rWs-FONGOOL> yeah, football! cheers!
[01:44] <rWs-nathan> How many bugs does nathan has left to fix?
[01:44] <rWs-nathan> lots?
[01:44] <rWs-nathan> yes
[01:44] <rWs-MiKeY-J> haha
[01:44] <rWs-MiKeY-J> self chat
[01:44] <rWs-MiKeY-J> fun
[01:44] <jacker> actually, random pick now :D
[01:44] <rWs-SethM> always is
[01:44] * jacker sets mode: +v SiNiSTER`
[01:44] <rWs-MiKeY-J> ask question
[01:44] <rWs-MiKeY-J> sinister
[01:44] * jacker slaps SiNiSTER` around a bit with a large trout
[01:44] <jacker> sinistier
[01:44] <jacker> its ur lucky day
[01:44] <jacker> now
[01:44] <rWs-nathan> mr. sinister
[01:44] <rWs-FONGOOL> related to sinistar?
[01:44] <jacker> take advantage of it
[01:44] <jacker> lol
[01:44] * jacker slaps SiNiSTER` around a bit with a large trout
[01:44] <rWs-Chris> i think that's really Weed again
[01:44] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:44] <rWs-MiKeY-J> fuckem
[01:44] <rWs-FONGOOL> bye phreek
[01:44] * jacker sets mode: -v SiNiSTER`
[01:45] * jacker sets mode: +v Agrajag
[01:45] <Agrajag> Hi
[01:45] <rWs-MiKeY-J> hey
[01:45] <rWs-FONGOOL> hi
[01:45] <rWs-jeph> hello
[01:45] <rWs-MiKeY-J> want a cookie
[01:45] <Agrajag> 3 minute listner, first time caller...
[01:45] <RwS-Zouave> Is that your qquestion?
[01:45] <rWs-FONGOOL> ready, go
[01:45] <rWs-MiKeY-J> haha
[01:45] <Agrajag> Question about the engine
[01:45] <rWs-MiKeY-J> and do
[01:45] <Agrajag> what engine are you using
[01:45] <Agrajag> and how much did it cost?
[01:45] <rWs-MiKeY-J> if you dont know then you know
[01:45] <rWs-miKe-R> epics unreal
[01:45] <Agrajag> oh
[01:45] <rWs-miKe-R> too much
[01:45] <rWs-MiKeY-J> UNREAL 2
[01:45] <rWs-FONGOOL> it's expensive
[01:45] <rWs-MiKeY-J> unreal 4 life
[01:45] <rWs-jeph> i thought we wrote the engine/
[01:46] <rWs-MiKeY-J> no jeoffy N
[01:46] <Agrajag> they acctually licenced it to you?
[01:46] <rWs-MiKeY-J> wheres your geoffy cam
[01:46] <rWs-FONGOOL> jheeeeooofffy
[01:46] <rWs-MiKeY-J> yes
[01:46] <rWs-MiKeY-J> yes they did
[01:46] <rWs-Chris> yes, and to other game developers
[01:46] <rWs-FONGOOL> if it was up your ass you'd know
[01:46] <rWs-miKe-R> go figure
[01:46] <rWs-MiKeY-J> what were they thinking
[01:46] <jacker> next?
[01:46] <Agrajag> what kinda agreement do they have to gain access other then pay a shitload of money?
[01:46] <rWs-MiKeY-J> next
[01:46] * jacker sets mode: -v Agrajag
[01:46] <rWs-jeph> i've killed for less
[01:46] * jacker sets mode: +v WeeD
[01:46] <WeeD> ah so
[01:46] <rWs-MiKeY-J> bong
[01:46] <WeeD> its me agaian
[01:47] <WeeD> sec
[01:47] <WeeD> need to take a fine bonghit
[01:47] <rWs-MiKeY-J> would you like a chocolate covered pretzel
[01:47] <WeeD> so
[01:47] <RwS-Zouave> next
[01:47] <rWs-VinceDesi> thank god we have the plastic ass to protect us
[01:47] <WeeD> WHat different Muliplayer modes do you include and what is the difference.. someone fuck me now !!! ahh yes. can i give a headshot to bush in the game and can i rape cats like in reality.. and can i drive vehicles or other crap liek this ?
[01:47] <rWs-FONGOOL> you can sign away the profits
[01:47] <rWs-MiKeY-J> wow
[01:47] <rWs-MiKeY-J> this guys queer
[01:47] <jacker> lol
[01:47] <WeeD> so
[01:47] <rWs-Chris> raping cats... sounds like a fine mod to me
[01:47] <rWs-FONGOOL> no vehicles, other games have covered that
[01:47] <rWs-VinceDesi> give me a hit
[01:48] <WeeD> hmm
[01:48] <rWs-miKe-R> next
[01:48] <rWs-MiKeY-J> got any coke
[01:48] <rWs-MiKeY-J> next
[01:48] * jacker sets mode: -v WeeD
[01:48] <rWs-FONGOOL> the kidz all do exctasy
[01:48] <rWs-MiKeY-J> shut up
[01:48] <rWs-nathan> bugs are calling my name....
[01:48] * jacker sets mode: +v bryanv
[01:48] <rWs-MiKeY-J> jackass
[01:48] <rWs-Chris> multiplayer will include the standard (ctf, deathmatch) plus some original ones
[01:48] <rWs-MiKeY-J> bryanv
[01:48] <rWs-MiKeY-J> hes the new art guy
[01:48] <bryanv> how destructable is the environment int he maps?!
[01:48] <jacker> go bryanv
[01:48] <bryanv> the*
[01:48] <rWs-MiKeY-J> level designer
[01:48] <rWs-MiKeY-J> answer
[01:48] <bryanv> can you blow almost everything up?
[01:49] <RwS-Zouave> Things you might expect to explode (ie cars, barrels) can be blown up
[01:49] <rWs-FONGOOL> there's some stuff, but no geomod technology
[01:49] <RwS-Zouave> Some other objects will be damaged or tossed around.
[01:49] <bryanv> sounds good
[01:50] <rWs-nathan> heads!
[01:50] <rWs-nathan> you can cut them off
[01:50] <rWs-nathan> then kick them
[01:50] <rWs-nathan> it's really cool
[01:50] <jacker> next?
[01:50] <RwS-Zouave> next
[01:50] * jacker sets mode: -v bryanv
[01:50] <rWs-FONGOOL> cars explode, all physics no scripted animations
[01:50] * jacker sets mode: +v TheOtherWhiteMeat
[01:50] <TheOtherWhiteMeat> Is there a night & day cycle for the game? Or is it constantly daytime within the game world? And why do 'Girls with horses' keep sending me emails?
[01:50] <rWs-FONGOOL> can't drive them though
[01:50] <rWs-nathan> no
[01:50] <rWs-nathan> no night
[01:50] <rWs-Josh> you can even play baseball with the heads if your good!
[01:50] <rWs-nathan> all day
[01:50] <RwS-Zouave> Five days, no nights
[01:50] <rWs-FONGOOL> girls & horses work for the taliban
[01:50] <rWs-nathan> next
[01:50] <RwS-Zouave> Girls with Horses need love too
[01:50] <TheOtherWhiteMeat> thx
[01:50] * jacker sets mode: -v TheOtherWhiteMeat
[01:51] <rWs-nathan> yup
[01:51] * jacker sets mode: +v Chandler
[01:51] <Chandler> Do you guys like shooting guns and do it often? Did you guys laugh behind gary colemans back when he was shooting? hehe and was he cool to work with what was it like w/ him around?
[01:51] <rWs-FONGOOL> they spy for Isreal
[01:51] <rWs-nathan> he's great
[01:51] <rWs-nathan> a real go getter
[01:51] <rWs-nathan> good kid
[01:51] <rWs-MiKeY-J> we laugh behind his back all the time
[01:51] <rWs-jeph> i like them, they like me
[01:51] <Chandler> KID? lol
[01:51] <Chandler> lol
[01:51] <rWs-FONGOOL> actually, we had to hold Gary's back 'cause the guns knock him over
[01:51] <Chandler> lololol
[01:51] <rWs-Chris> gary had a hard enough time staying on his feet when he was shooting those uzis
[01:51] <rWs-MiKeY-J> yes thats too true
[01:51] <rWs-FONGOOL> he's insane
[01:51] <Chandler> what r the chances of someone like me getting a job in the gaming industry?
[01:52] <Chandler> hehe
[01:52] <rWs-MiKeY-J> slim to none join the navy
[01:52] <rWs-FONGOOL> if you ever see him, ask him to do that "whtcu tawkin bout" thing. he loves that
[01:52] <rWs-nathan> unknown
[01:52] <rWs-VinceDesi> how many sisters do you have?
[01:52] <rWs-MiKeY-J> oh ya he loves it
[01:52] <Chandler> i got a sister
[01:52] <rWs-MiKeY-J> you get a job if vince likes her
[01:52] <Chandler> for j00
[01:52] <jacker> lol
[01:52] <rWs-Chris> k, your in
[01:52] <Chandler> is it that hard?
[01:52] <Chandler> to get a job
[01:52] <rWs-nathan> yes
[01:52] <rWs-MiKeY-J> its all bout who you know
[01:52] <rWs-nathan> next
[01:52] <rWs-MiKeY-J> hehe
[01:52] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:52] <rWs-VinceDesi> depends
[01:52] * jacker sets mode: -v Chandler
[01:52] * jacker sets mode: +v Vasyl
[01:53] <rWs-jeph> yes, i work here, but i really don't..they made me sit in the corner for quite a long time
[01:53] <Vasyl> how are the system req's for the game looking? what kind of hardware are we gonna need to crank the details up at a decent res and framerate?
[01:53] <rWs-VinceDesi> write me email and Ill discuss later
[01:53] <rWs-MiKeY-J> you need a apple 2 e
[01:53] <rWs-miKe-R> 3 GHZ or higher
[01:53] <rWs-Chris> yeah, that was a pretty broad question
[01:53] <rWs-MiKeY-J> you need a 2 color monitor
[01:53] <rWs-miKe-R> video card is important
[01:53] <Vasyl> say, upwards of 1 ghz?
[01:53] <rWs-FONGOOL> same as unreal 2 I think
[01:53] <rWs-MiKeY-J> MIN SPECS
[01:53] <rWs-miKe-R> GeForce2 is ok
[01:53] <rWs-MiKeY-J> p3 700
[01:53] <rWs-MiKeY-J> 256 mb ram
[01:53] <rWs-miKe-R> higher is better
[01:53] <rWs-FONGOOL> barely
[01:53] <rWs-MiKeY-J> gf2
[01:53] <rWs-MiKeY-J> that MINIMUM
[01:53] <Vasyl> alrighty cool
[01:53] <rWs-nathan> gf2 is definite min
[01:54] <jacker> next?
[01:54] <rWs-jeph> i'm running it with a gf3 and its running good
[01:54] <rWs-MiKeY-J> optimum 1.5 ghz, 512 mb ram, gf4
[01:54] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[01:54] * jacker sets mode: -v Vasyl
[01:54] * jacker sets mode: +v Kennel
[01:54] <Kennel> Ey!
[01:54] <rWs-MiKeY-J> yo
[01:54] <rWs-Chris> oi!
[01:54] <Kennel> Are you guys really this messed up or is it an act?
[01:55] <rWs-MiKeY-J> act
[01:55] <rWs-Chris> no
[01:55] <rWs-MiKeY-J> fuck you
[01:55] <rWs-FONGOOL> nathan's brain pushes all the air out of the room
[01:55] <rWs-VinceDesi> who can fuickin act like this
[01:55] <rWs-Chris> next
[01:55] <rWs-miKe-R> what are you talking about
[01:55] <rWs-VinceDesi> this is my life
[01:55] <rWs-MiKeY-J> this is tame
[01:55] <RwS-Zouave> Yup, we're just oxygen deprived
[01:55] <Kennel> haha
[01:55] <rWs-nathan> i love you all
[01:55] <rWs-MiKeY-J> get vince a blunt and an uzi and youll see
[01:55] <rWs-nathan> very very much
[01:55] <rWs-VinceDesi> the pipe knows everything
[01:55] <rWs-nathan> health pipe!
[01:55] <rWs-nathan> smoke up!
[01:55] <rWs-miKe-R> then leave us a little more oxygen
[01:55] <rWs-MiKeY-J> we smoke health
[01:56] <Kennel> Ok. I'll settle for that. Next!
[01:56] * jacker sets mode: -v Kennel
[01:56] <rWs-FONGOOL> we can't take ourselves too seriously, then we'd be like, EA or something
[01:56] <jacker> <Nightfall> iswhole game world is open at once?
[01:56] <rWs-MiKeY-J> or maxis....fuckin JAKE SIMPSON
[01:56] <rWs-nathan> no
[01:56] <RwS-Zouave> The game world opens up as you progress
[01:56] <rWs-miKe-R> no, a little more each day
[01:56] <rWs-nathan> the map will show you
[01:56] <rWs-nathan> what's open
[01:56] <rWs-nathan> on that day
[01:56] <rWs-MiKeY-J> HAPPY JEWDAY
[01:56] <rWs-Chris> yep, the map's really nice for navigating
[01:57] <rWs-miKe-R> but in the parts that are open you can go into every building
[01:57] <rWs-nathan> yes
[01:57] <rWs-nathan> unlike most games
[01:57] <rWs-FONGOOL> Yeah, fake buildings and hallway maps suck!
[01:57] <rWs-MiKeY-J> and the ass sniffer
[01:57] <rWs-nathan> you can go indoors, outdoors, all around
[01:57] <rWs-Chris> postal2 fucks hallway maps up the ass
[01:57] <rWs-miKe-R> next
[01:57] <rWs-MiKeY-J> yes
[01:57] <rWs-MiKeY-J> yes it does
[01:57] * jacker sets mode: +v Bushido
[01:57] <Bushido> Vince, just wondering here, what would make you want to fire the Postal Dude? What did he do that was so bad? Slept with your wife?lol
[01:58] <rWs-MiKeY-J> yah vince
[01:58] <rWs-nathan> wow
[01:58] <rWs-MiKeY-J> WHY VINCE WHY
[01:58] <rWs-nathan> good one chris
[01:58] <rWs-miKe-R> nice chris
[01:58] <rWs-MiKeY-J> chris = funny lil kid
[01:58] <rWs-FONGOOL> He couldn't take texture photos
[01:58] <rWs-MiKeY-J> thats older then i
[01:58] <rWs-Chris> GIGGLE
[01:58] <Bushido> lol
[01:58] <rWs-MiKeY-J> vince is typing
[01:58] <rWs-miKe-R> he went golfing too much
[01:58] <rWs-MiKeY-J> dont worry
[01:58] <rWs-VinceDesi> i might have a wife in the future, I really didnt wanna fire the Dude
[01:58] <Bushido> that's good to know
[01:58] <rWs-MiKeY-J> vince = WOOPED
[01:59] <Bushido> give these guys a raise!
[01:59] <rWs-MiKeY-J> ya good one
[01:59] <jacker> nexxxxt?
[01:59] <rWs-VinceDesi> but Seinfeld told me it'd be good for the script, and he let me fuck hi sold chick, the one with the big jew tits
[01:59] <rWs-MiKeY-J> jew tits
[01:59] <rWs-MiKeY-J> yah
[01:59] <Bushido> lol
[01:59] <RwS-Zouave> next
[01:59] <rWs-MiKeY-J> next
[01:59] * jacker sets mode: -v Bushido
[01:59] * jacker sets mode: +v MongoHH
[01:59] <MongoHH> would there be any different version of postal 2 for the european market especially for germany containing the violence effects ?
[01:59] <rWs-nathan> blood can be turned off
[01:59] <rWs-nathan> in the game
[01:59] <rWs-MiKeY-J> no german bitches are hairy
[01:59] <rWs-miKe-R> there will be more violence for the countries that need it
[01:59] <rWs-FONGOOL> we did that last time, dunno what we're doing this time
[01:59] <rWs-VinceDesi> in the german veriosn the dude has a moucstache
[02:00] <MongoHH> me me ,me
[02:00] <rWs-MiKeY-J> a lil hitler stache
[02:00] <MongoHH> lol..thsts good
[02:00] <rWs-FONGOOL> POSTAL2: the VR missions?
[02:00] <rWs-MiKeY-J> zeigh heil postal
[02:00] <rWs-FONGOOL> Green blood?
[02:00] <rWs-nathan> blue!
[02:00] <rWs-FONGOOL> it's all robots?
[02:00] <rWs-MiKeY-J> pink
[02:00] <rWs-MiKeY-J> lalalal
[02:00] <rWs-MiKeY-J> lalalal
[02:00] <rWs-nathan> robots
[02:00] <rWs-MiKeY-J> NEXT
[02:00] * jacker sets mode: -v MongoHH
[02:00] <rWs-miKe-R> next
[02:00] * jacker sets mode: +v hx
[02:00] * jacker slaps hx around a bit with a large trout
[02:00] <rWs-FONGOOL> Maybe spining coins will get us into germany
[02:00] <hx> Needless to say that kick-ass music make an action game even better. Can you tell me a little
[02:00] <hx> bit about music in POSTAL 2. Can I expect death metal, nuclear metal or something like that? :P
[02:01] * rWs-MiKeY-J slaps hx with wad off ass hair
[02:01] <rWs-nathan> how about no metal
[02:01] <rWs-miKe-R> don't expect death metal
[02:01] <rWs-nathan> like no music
[02:01] <rWs-nathan> it's ambient sounds
[02:01] <rWs-miKe-R> maybe a little bit of music
[02:01] <rWs-nathan> filled with screaming
[02:01] <rWs-MiKeY-J> there will be gay music
[02:01] <rWs-nathan> that you make
[02:01] <rWs-FONGOOL> only the music of tinkling brass, piss splattering and brains hitting the sidewalk
[02:01] <rWs-miKe-R> the music of violence
[02:01] <rWs-FONGOOL> and "the girl from ipanema"
[02:01] <rWs-MiKeY-J> GAY MUSIK
[02:01] <rWs-nathan> exactly
[02:01] <rWs-MiKeY-J> FIRE IN MY WHOLE
[02:01] <rWs-MiKeY-J> HOLE
[02:01] <rWs-nathan> whole what?
[02:01] <rWs-MiKeY-J> HOLE
[02:01] <rWs-Chris> elevator music
[02:01] <rWs-MiKeY-J> hehe
[02:01] <rWs-MiKeY-J> my good
[02:01] <rWs-miKe-R> or hole
[02:01] <rWs-MiKeY-J> FIRE IN MY HOLE
[02:01] <rWs-MiKeY-J> silly silly i
[02:01] <rWs-nathan> next
[02:02] <rWs-MiKeY-J> next
[02:02] * jacker sets mode: -v hx
[02:02] * jacker sets mode: +v Agrajag
[02:02] <Agrajag> I'm guessing the Vehicle code didn't come in withe UDM (Miss assembled the acry, i'm sure I did) access then?
[02:02] <Agrajag> How can you have a postal game and not let us, your pubic, have the luxury of going around and doing drive bys in that little mail truck, or even in the little gay ass "Rural Carrier" Station Wagons that belong in England?
[02:02] <Agrajag> that's the first question
[02:02] <Agrajag> The second Question is about the distribution
[02:02] <rWs-Chris> i think you wanna play gta3...
[02:02] <rWs-nathan> we don't have cars
[02:02] <Agrajag> How many CDs is it
[02:02] <rWs-nathan> play another game
[02:02] <rWs-FONGOOL> because you can't enjoy the violence when you're whizzing by at 50 MPH
[02:02] <Agrajag> How large is it
[02:02] <rWs-miKe-R> one cd
[02:02] <rWs-MiKeY-J> driving isnt allowed in paradise
[02:02] <rWs-nathan> billions of bytes
[02:02] <rWs-miKe-R> with lots of compression
[02:02] <rWs-FONGOOL> our game is up close and personal
[02:02] <Agrajag> And what kind of Copy protection, If ANY, do you plan on using?
[02:03] <rWs-MiKeY-J> fuck you
[02:03] <rWs-nathan> yes!
[02:03] <rWs-MiKeY-J> hacker
[02:03] <rWs-nathan> teh best ever
[02:03] <rWs-nathan> well you see
[02:03] <rWs-miKe-R> we were going to include cars but that would require a second cd
[02:03] <rWs-FONGOOL> the kind you can't crack, pirate boy!
[02:03] <rWs-nathan> you just need to change the readme.txt file
[02:03] <rWs-nathan> ask it for no copy protection
[02:03] <rWs-FONGOOL> yeah, what he said
[02:03] <rWs-nathan> next
[02:03] * jacker sets mode: -v Agrajag
[02:03] <rWs-nathan> no more HAXK42RZ
[02:03] * jacker sets mode: +v MrPeach2
[02:03] <MrPeach2> when blood gets splattered on the walls does it drip down? are there bloody footprints when you walk through a pool? any more pleasing gore related info you could give?
[02:03] <rWs-MiKeY-J> stealing
[02:03] <rWs-MiKeY-J> oops
[02:03] <rWs-miKe-R> blood drips really good
[02:03] <rWs-miKe-R> splats, dripping, puddles
[02:03] <rWs-miKe-R> ask nathan about it
[02:03] <rWs-nathan> we have really cool fluid physics
[02:04] <rWs-FONGOOL> the burned bodies will churn your stomach
[02:04] <rWs-nathan> that lets it run down slopes
[02:04] <rWs-nathan> and make big puddles
[02:04] <rWs-MiKeY-J> dead bodies make me hard
[02:04] <rWs-miKe-R> his enourmous brain made the fluid effects possible
[02:04] <rWs-FONGOOL> yeah, blood runs down hills and shit!
[02:04] <MrPeach2> *giggles like girly girl*
[02:04] <MrPeach2> also, can videos be used as textures in the game?
[02:04] <rWs-nathan> you can shoot a guy and roll his dead body along the ground with the impact of your bullets, leaving a long blood trail
[02:04] <rWs-nathan> it's neat
[02:04] <rWs-miKe-R> they could be used as textures but we aren't doing that
[02:04] <rWs-nathan> next
[02:04] * jacker sets mode: -v MrPeach2
[02:04] <rWs-FONGOOL> you'd need a Geforce9
[02:04] <rWs-miKe-R> we do have animated textures, just not videos on textures
[02:04] * jacker sets mode: +v Swartz
[02:04] <Swartz> How will dragging bodies around work? I heard u have a specific method for it
[02:05] <rWs-nathan> gf124
[02:05] <rWs-nathan> !
[02:05] <rWs-MiKeY-J> o
[02:05] <rWs-nathan> we don't have dragging
[02:05] <rWs-MiKeY-J> well
[02:05] <rWs-nathan> you shoot them around
[02:05] <rWs-miKe-R> you can shoot them around
[02:05] <rWs-MiKeY-J> as already stated
[02:05] <rWs-MiKeY-J> you can shoot them
[02:05] <RwS-Zouave> Kicking them around works too
[02:05] <rWs-nathan> and blow them up!
[02:05] <rWs-jeph> beat them around with the shovel
[02:05] <rWs-MiKeY-J> 4 ever and ever and ever
[02:05] <rWs-nathan> with grenades
[02:05] <rWs-nathan> yes
[02:05] <rWs-FONGOOL> and kick them down hills
[02:05] <Swartz> oh
[02:05] <rWs-nathan> great fun
[02:05] <rWs-jeph> lots of greandes
[02:05] <rWs-miKe-R> next
[02:05] <Swartz> One last thing, ZEIG HEIL!
[02:05] <rWs-MiKeY-J> hell ya
[02:05] * jacker sets mode: -v Swartz
[02:05] <rWs-MiKeY-J> nazi
[02:05] <rWs-nathan> next
[02:05] <rWs-Chris> cute
[02:05] <rWs-FONGOOL> they flop around and make other bystanders puke at the sight of them
[02:05] * jacker sets mode: +v Chandler
[02:05] <Chandler> Name: Chandler 17 yrs. old Status: high school student Austin, Tx Has 20 yr old sister wants to work in gaming industry
[02:06] <jacker> lol
[02:06] <rWs-MiKeY-J> wow
[02:06] <Chandler> kekeke 0_o
[02:06] <rWs-nathan> you're in!
[02:06] <Chandler> 0_o
[02:06] <rWs-nathan> at least your sister is
[02:06] <rWs-nathan> send her
[02:06] <Chandler> ya
[02:06] <rWs-FONGOOL> send her first though
[02:06] <Chandler> can i come w/ my sister?
[02:06] <RwS-Zouave> no
[02:06] <rWs-MiKeY-J> ya we can bukake her
[02:06] <rWs-VinceDesi> send foto to
[02:06] <rWs-jeph> let her stand between our trees
[02:06] <Chandler> i can do 2d 3d artist work
[02:06] <rWs-MiKeY-J> BUKAKE
[02:06] <rWs-nathan> incest!
[02:06] <rWs-miKe-R> if she's really good we'll give you a call
[02:06] <rWs-FONGOOL> bukake!
[02:06] <rWs-nathan> next
[02:06] <rWs-FONGOOL> (what's bukake?)
[02:06] <Chandler> k
[02:06] <Chandler> ill email
[02:06] <rWs-miKe-R> did you say only 1 sister?
[02:06] <Chandler> buakae heheh
[02:06] <Chandler> ya
[02:06] <rWs-MiKeY-J> girl many guys,,,,lots of sperm on her
[02:06] <rWs-FONGOOL> ew
[02:07] <rWs-nathan> leave it to the japs
[02:07] <rWs-MiKeY-J> ya japs love it
[02:07] <rWs-FONGOOL> anese
[02:07] <rWs-jeph> nips
[02:07] <rWs-MiKeY-J> GOOKS
[02:07] <Chandler> heil rWs
[02:07] <rWs-jeph> anese
[02:07] <rWs-nathan> next
[02:07] <jacker> next?
[02:07] * jacker sets mode: -v Chandler
[02:07] <rWs-MiKeY-J> next
[02:07] * jacker sets mode: +v WeeD
[02:07] <rWs-MiKeY-J> GAYDRO
[02:07] <rWs-nathan> weeeed!
[02:07] <jacker> MIKUEER!
[02:07] <rWs-nathan> say something stupid
[02:07] <jacker> hehe
[02:07] <WeeD> haha
[02:07] <WeeD> whsta up
[02:07] <rWs-FONGOOL> again?
[02:07] <rWs-nathan> exactly
[02:07] <WeeD> anyhtong running well
[02:07] <WeeD> so wait
[02:07] <rWs-miKe-R> boring
[02:07] <WeeD> my question
[02:07] <rWs-MiKeY-J> haha
[02:07] <rWs-MiKeY-J> ya gay
[02:07] <WeeD> and im stupid !!!
[02:07] <rWs-nathan> fuck you
[02:07] <jacker> lol
[02:07] <WeeD> fuck u too !
[02:07] <jacker> gawd
[02:07] <WeeD> Can i do drugs in the game like smoking a bong in realtime, kill someone with my weapon 9 bong ? Can i go totally postal under massive drug influence like a crazy cow with malaloma ?
[02:07] <rWs-MiKeY-J> go ass fuck yourself
[02:07] <WeeD> hehe
[02:07] <rWs-FONGOOL> damn, this is out of control
[02:08] <rWs-nathan> YES
[02:08] <rWs-miKe-R> yes
[02:08] <WeeD> play hidden and fuck your motehrcukcigndfgnd
[02:08] <rWs-nathan> no
[02:08] <WeeD> yes ?
[02:08] <rWs-MiKeY-J> YES
[02:08] <rWs-MiKeY-J> YES
[02:08] <rWs-FONGOOL> even better, you can smoke a REAL bong then buy our game
[02:08] <WeeD> what ?
[02:08] <rWs-MiKeY-J> YES
[02:08] <WeeD> damn no
[02:08] <rWs-VinceDesi> no mother jokes
[02:08] <WeeD> can i ?
[02:08] <rWs-nathan> smoke real drugs first
[02:08] <WeeD> my mother is a bitch
[02:08] <WeeD> no
[02:08] <rWs-nathan> next
[02:08] * jacker sets mode: -v WeeD
[02:08] <rWs-Chris> virtual drugs... ya, that'd be cool
[02:08] <rWs-FONGOOL> there's crack, um, I mean "health pipes"
[02:08] * jacker sets mode: +v tunah
[02:08] <rWs-miKe-R> do you want to be in the game industry? send her over
[02:08] <tunah> Will bodies disappear or do they hang around? Couldn't think of anything else.
[02:09] <rWs-nathan> both!
[02:09] <rWs-miKe-R> they hang around
[02:09] <rWs-nathan> you can change that
[02:09] <rWs-miKe-R> then disappear
[02:09] <rWs-nathan> in teh options
[02:09] <rWs-nathan> it's cool
[02:09] <tunah> Sweet.
[02:09] <rWs-miKe-R> you can adjust
[02:09] <rWs-FONGOOL> there's a menu option to make them stay forever if you want
[02:09] <rWs-jeph> and ever
[02:09] <rWs-MiKeY-J> you can hang them on telephone poles if you want
[02:09] <rWs-miKe-R> but that requires a playstation 3
[02:09] <rWs-MiKeY-J> and if you can
[02:09] <tunah> Ok, thanks. :)
[02:09] <rWs-jeph> or nathans huge brain
[02:09] <rWs-nathan> and a toaster
[02:09] <rWs-nathan> next
[02:09] * jacker sets mode: -v tunah
[02:09] <rWs-FONGOOL> no you can't, idiot
[02:10] <rWs-MiKeY-J> fuck this
[02:10] <rWs-MiKeY-J> WERE DONE
[02:10] <rWs-MiKeY-J> THNX MAGGOTS
[02:10] <rWs-nathan> later
[02:10] <jacker> LOL
[02:10] <rWs-FONGOOL> game's gonna be late now, thanks alot
[02:10] <rWs-jeph> geez
[02:10] <rWs-VinceDesi> thanks to all
[02:10] <k0s`> No, really, What kinda Copy protection are ya gonna use?
[02:10] <rWs-MiKeY-J> we tell you no
[02:10] <rWs-jeph> lata
[02:10] <rWs-MiKeY-J> by
[02:10] <rWs-miKe-R> now it's sometime-in-february-plus-1-hour
[02:10] <rWs-MiKeY-J> bye
[02:10] * jacker sets mode: -v k0s`
[02:10] <rWs-VinceDesi> my dick in yoru sisters ass
[02:10] <rWs-Chris> why, you want a head start on cracking it?
[02:11] <rWs-miKe-R> and let's end it on the note
[02:11] <jacker> oooooooooh its over
[02:11] <rWs-FONGOOL> buy the game! pirate monkey boys
[02:11] <rWs-FONGOOL> then we can make more
[02:11] <jacker> lol
[02:11] <jacker> ok
[02:11] * jacker sets mode: -m